Top Five Tips for an Unforgettable Festival Wedding

Top Five Tips for an Unforgettable Festival Wedding

At weve seen many festival weddings – some simple, some glamorous, all romantic but what makes a festival wedding ceremony really stand out? Heres our list of tips to make your wedding truly unforgettable:

1. Location, location, location

Choosing the perfect setting for your festival wedding is essential: whether you want to camp in the grounds of a stately home, celebrate your wedding on the fringes of an actual festival, or settle in for a special weekend in the dunes on the beach, finding just the right location is central to your wedding. Of course you also need to be able to work with your chosen location to make a weekend that is memorable for all the right reasons. We have a list of sites that weve worked with in the past that were always happy to share with brides and grooms, and because these are known quantities, we can recommend them with confidence.


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2. Accommodation, accommodation, accommodation

The great fun of a festival themed wedding is camping, or rather, glamping, spending time in the open air, in beautiful surroundings, but also in comfort, style and incredible ease. Stargazing, birdsong, sunsets and sunrises, these are the unplanned and also unforgettable accessories to a festival wedding, and we cant guarantee them, but we can guarantee fire-pits and acoustic guitars, comfortable beds, and a honeymoon suite that puts many hotels to shame.


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3. Photographs

Try to choose a photographer who will come on a site visit with you, as that allows him or her to suggest the best locations for your marquee and bell tents to get the right kind of sunlight during the day and the best kind of lighting for your evening celebrations. Getting the right candid, well-lit wedding photographs can move a wedding from great to truly unforgettable for all concerned.


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4. Fun

Nothing epitomises a festival wedding like the opportunities for fun. But of course, fun means different things to different people: for some its a bouncy castle for grown-ups, for others its a VW Camper refitted to become the worlds cutest cocktail bar, and for yet others its a play area at the reception with croquet, Blind Mans Buff, giant Jenga or even those old favourites like the egg and spoon and sack races. Whatever your idea of fun, a festival wedding makes it easy to really enjoy your special day.


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5. BIG moments

Every wedding has a number of big moments: the moment the groom first sees the bride, the moment when you say I do” … all kinds of big moments. But a festival wedding day gives you the chance to make many more big moments – and even some BIG moments – happen. For example, outdoor piñatas filled with wedding favours make for some wonderful moments, as well as some outstandingly funny wedding photographs. Then, what about a vintage merry-go-round? Not a cheap wedding accessory, but one that is a really big moment, especially when bride and groom mounted their painted horses for a first riderather than a first dance. And finally, of course, fireworks! Theres nothing like standing outside in the glorious fresh night air and watching a stunning pyrotechnic display to make a moment truly big and absolutely special.


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Festival Wedding Fun

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