Garden Glamping And Making The Most Of Your Staycation This Summer

Garden Glamping And Making The Most Of Your Staycation This Summer

Make the most of your staycation this summer

With travel abroad looking very different this summer, it’s the perfect time to take a Great British staycation. The days are long, the sun is out and the temperatures are soaring, so fire up the BBQ, get the paddling pool out and hire a couple of beautiful Bell Tents to turn your garden into a luxury campsite for the weekend! Here are our top tips for making the most of a very odd summer and feeling like you’re on holiday in your own backyard. 


Cup of tea and croissant

Pack an overnight bag as if you’re actually going away

To make a staycation really feel like a holiday you’ve got to treat it as one! Put it in your calendar, make a countdown, tell all your work colleagues, get that essential holiday shop in and even treat yourself to a new outfit or buy the kids holiday treats. Then, when the time comes, make sure you pack a bag or two as if you’re going away for the weekend and resist the urge to pop into the house for anything except using the bathroom. You could even take it one step further and drive around the block before using the back gate to enter your luxury staycation campsite!

A bed and luggage inside a Bell Tent

Get creative and use what you’ve got to create a holiday vibe outside

We bring the Bell Tents and everything inside, but it’s up to you to choose your holiday’s theme. Create your own boho music festival with flags, cushions, rugs and a guitar or spend the weekend at your own holiday resort with a paddling pool, inflatables, cocktails and sun loungers! Think about where you’d like to go and recreate that closer to home instead.  

Music tent sign with a blurred image of a Bell Tent

Get the BBQ going, dig out your camping stove or make a fire

One of our favourite parts of camping is cooking outside. Nothing beats a British BBQ and toasting marshmallows on the embers when the sun goes down. It’s okay to cheat a little here and fetch prepped food and drinks from the fridge, but try to bring everything out in one go and maximise your time out in the fresh air!   


Fire pit inside a tipi

Solar-powered garden or fairy lights are key

Use that summer sunshine to power up outdoor lights and string them around your Bell Tent and in the trees and hedges. Not only will they add an extra touch of magic to your garden campsite but they’ll help if you need to find your way into the house for the bathroom in the middle of the night too!  

Fairy lights outside of a Bell Tent

Snuggle up and get cosy

When the fire’s gone out and you’re getting chilly, retreat to your Bell Tent and settle in for the night. With options of 13.5 tog duvets and a real bed  we’ll make sure you’re spending the night as comfortably as you like. Don’t forget a torch if you’re planning on reading a book before bed and why not just let your phone battery die – you don’t need an alarm, you’re on holiday after all! 

Bell Tent sitting on grass

And the best part? Here at Great British Bell Tents we make it easy for you by setting up your tent with beds and soft furnishings at the start and taking it all down once you’re done. All you need to do is use a little imagination and enjoy your staycation!  

Country themed Bell Tent


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