Is it Cold it a Bell Tent?

Is it Cold it a Bell Tent?

Is it Cold in a Bell Tent?

When hiring a Bell Tent from us, we go the extra mile to ensure your warmth and comfort. Our Bell Tents feature elevated beds to keep you off the chilly ground. We also provide additional toppers, cosy 13.5 tog duvets, high-quality brushed cotton linens, and extra blankets to keep you snug. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the canvas of a Bell Tent offers no insulation. Essentially, you’re sleeping outdoors on a comfortable bed, and your sleep quality depends on the weather. If it’s been a warm, sunny day, the Bell Tent will be comfortably warm, but during the winter months when temperatures drop to zero, it can get quite chilly.

Bell Tents in the Winter months

To stay cosy, exercise some common sense when staying in a Bell Tent. If you’re accustomed to sleeping in minimal attire or light nightwear, consider packing warm pajamas, especially if you plan to visit during the early or late months of the season. For instance, we host a festival in Wales in April where nighttime temperatures often dip below 10 degrees. I always bring a hat and track pants, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

Here are my top tips for staying warm in a Bell Tent

Choose Appropriate Nightwear: Pack pajamas, tracksuit bottoms, or even a warm hat.

Layer Up: Layering is more effective than relying on a single bulky jumper.

Seal Doors and Windows: Keep doors and windows closed during the day to trap heat inside.

Buddy System: Bring a human hot water bottle (a warm companion) with you for added warmth!

Consider Hotel Accommodations: If you’re particularly concerned about the cold, consider booking a hotel room.

By following these tips, you’ll enjoy a cosy and comfortable stay in a Bell Tent, no matter the weather.

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